The JVL Wildcat Academy Charter School encourages all students not just our athletes to maintain physical fitness through exercise and a proper diet. Supporting this ideal is the Carol M White Physical Education Program Grant.  Through this grant we have implemented programs to help students make progress toward meeting State standards for physical education.  All our students are empowered to engage in a variety of regular and adaptive physical activities appropriate to their needs and interests, including those with disabilities and/or special health needs such as asthma.  As an integral component of our health classes, we provide   instruction in healthy eating habits and good nutrition.

In our physical education classes, students receive fitness education designed to help them understand, improve and maintain their physical well -being.  Monitored physical fitness activities include instruction in a variety of motor skills and physical activities devised to enhance the physical, mental, and social or emotional development of every student.

We are all aware of the benefits of participating in sports.  Through our PSAL sports program our students are given the opportunity to develop positive social and cooperative skills by interacting with others.  Sports participation helps build character and prepares participants to meet life’s challenges.  Additionally, athletics help to instill essential values in students: discipline, teamwork, dedication, responsibility, fairness and learning to win or lose with grace.

We invite all students to take part in the physical fitness challenge by engaging in regular exercise, eating balanced nutritious meals and by trying out for our sports teams.


We recognize the importance and value that the availability a sports program plays in student development.  Through team sports we help students see the importance of teamwork, persistence, working toward a shared vision, and that sports are more than just about winning. 

JVL Wildcat fields both a Boys and Girls Basketball team in Division "A" and Coed Softball Team in the PSAL Mulitple Pathways League.  We have a long history of success with multiple championships in boys basketball and coed softball and a recent championship in the girls basketball.  But more importantly, our PSAL sports program represents one more way we help our young adults succeed.

  • Boys Basketball - Tryouts for the Wildcat Oilers boys basketball team begin in September and the season generally runs from the beginning of November to the first week of February each year. 
  • Girls Basketball - The Lady Oilers team tryouts begin in January and see action in the Winter months beginning in the first week of February and ending the second week of April.
  • Coed Softball - The Wildcat Oilers coed softball team begin classroom clinics in February, batting cage sessions in March and field practice in March/April. League play begins in the Spring which runs mid-April through early June.

To be eligible students must turn in a PSAL physical form and parent consent.  Student/Athletes must be in good standing academically passing 3 core subjects and earning at least 5 academic credits in their academic week and in good standing at their internship site.