Unbelievably another year is quickly drawling to a close.  Graduation is set for June 26th at FIT and summer school starts on July 9th.

We would like to congratulate our hard working graduates for achieving one of life’s important milestones-earning a high school diploma. Statistics show that this diploma is worth over $500,000 more over the course of a working lifetime than not completing high school.  It is our sincere hope that this is just the first of many achievable goals.  We encourage our students to continue their education whether it is at college, a reputable trade school or a certified training program in a field of interest.  Obviously, all work has merit and we are proud of our graduates who gain meaningful employment.

If the key to a good afterlife is the good we do during our mortal life than Ms. Luba Koziolkowsky and Ms. Elizabeth Wilde are guaranteed just rewards. Since 1992 thousands of young adults in search of a second chance have had the benefit of instruction from two of the best teachers any school has been fortunate to have on staff.

Their tireless dedication, selflessness, professionalism and skill have helped positively change not only our students’ academic ability, but their life in general. We often complain that the teachers care more about our students’ success than the students care themselves.  They have had many anxiously caring moments preparing students for their future lives.

By nature of our school, academics are only 50% of the solution.  The other 50% is preparing our students to be sophisticated, mature and sensible minded adults who are prepared to contribute to a better society. How fortunate our students have been to have attended their classes and received academic and life instruction.

Regrettably for the John V Lindsay Wildcat Academy, but deservedly for Ms. Koziolkowsky and Ms. Wilde, they will now get a chance to start the next chapter of their lives and enjoy the fruits of retirement.

On behalf of our students and staff we would like to thank these incredible teachers and mentors for their immeasurable contributions to our school’s success and all our lives in general.


Ron Tabano
CEO & Principal

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