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Family Approach

To Education

We have considerable success in supporting academic growth and achievement. The Regents pass rates for Wildcat students are significantly greater than their citywide peers.



Internship Experiences

JVL Wildcat Internships open up an opportunity for lifelong independence and provide the tools necessary for students to develop accountability, networking and teamwork skills that help them shape and accomplish future goals.

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The culinary program teaches its students how to work interactively while learning employability skills in the kitchen setting. We have a full restaurant-style kitchen and dining area! 

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Our coaches focus on team work and character building techniques which are attractive to scouts of college programs. Many go on to play at the collegiate level!

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JVL Graduation

We have considerable success in supporting academic growth and achievement. Our students complete the rigorous academic requirements for a New York State High School Diploma and graduate equipped with character building blocks that prepares them to be successful in the next chapter of their lives. 

JVL Wildcat students graduate and leave our high school but are always family and will have our support indefinitely.

Read what our students say!

Janet Velez

1997 Graduate

I wasn't some number in a huge classroom. The attention given to me was personalized, and one on one. Because of Wildcat I wasn't just another H.S dropout. Since graduating from Wildcat, I've received a B.S. in Legal Studies and an M.P.A. I have also given back to the community by advocating for immigrant rights, minorities in the workforce, foster care, and most recently, serving as program coordinator for the elderly and the underserved. I continue to use the tools that I learned at Wildcat to assist those in need because once upon a time I was the one in need.

Brianna Wilder

2009 Graduate

What I liked most about my experience at JVL Wildcat was the smaller classes. Take advantage of any opportunity presented to you. Encouraged by Ms. Pat (guidance counselor), I entered a scholarship to college contest and won! I graduated Wildcat with honors and a scholarship to college. While attending Wildcat, I learned to balance life. I learned I can attend school and have a job as well (thanks to the internship experience). I've learned sometimes change is good. After graduating Wildcat, I went to college, studied psychology, and became an early childhood education teacher. I was a teacher for 11 years before changing fields to law enforcement. I now refer my youth to Wildcat when they need a new start in education.

Nicholas Escabi

2014 Graduate

This school has made a huge impact in my life. The staff at Wildcat made the school feel like family and never gave up on me. They offered a lot of help so that I could complete high school while playing basketball. The teachers and coaches helped me mature a lot; to see possibilities and life in a positive way. Take advantage of the resources and guidance at the school. Never give up on yourself because the staff won’t give up on you. I am grateful to have played on the Wildcat Oilers basketball team and win a PSAL championship. Being on a championship team opened so many doors for me. The best high school in NYC!

Eric Luna

2020 Graduate

What is special about Wildcat is that it is a school like no other. Many other schools do not look for every way to help you but Wildcat puts forth every effort to help you graduate on time, and as long as you do your part, they help you a lot. Wildcat is unique in that they have an internship program where you can have job while going to school - a job that gives you experience, pays you a stipend and gives you credits for attending the internship. The teachers and the staff are awesome, too, nothing like any other school I have been. If you want to graduate on time but don’t have enough credits, go to Wildcat. They will help you in every way possible and it will be an experience that you won't have at any other school.

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