Words of Encouragement During COVID-19 to Our Students

School Closure Information and Resources

JVL Wildcat Academy Charter School will continue remote classroom learning through the end of the school year.

Remote Learning Device:

  • The DOE is lending internet-enabled iPads to support remote learning for students. Charter school students with an IEP and receiving services from DOE may apply here: Remote Learning Device Application Form
  • As supplies are limited with the DOE, JVL Wildcat has placed an order for tablets to assist the effort in supporting remote learning for our students. The CEO/Prinicipal will contact students in the highest need category. 

Academic Remote Learning:
All students are required to log onto Jupiter to communicate with their teachers and complete classroom and internship portfolio assignments. Students can be access Jupiter here: Jupiter Access.

A video tutorial for Jupiter can be accessed here: Jupiter Video Tutorial

For students using Rosetta Stone, that can be accessed here: Rosetta Stone

If you are a student or parent/guardian and are having difficulties logging on to Jupiter, please contact Ed Peterman at epeterman@jvlwildcat.org. Include your name and the student’s name in the email.

The internship program is suspended. Students are asked not to report to their internship sites. Students will be required to complete internship portfolio.

Internship Training Institute (ITI):
Ms. Beach and Mr. McFarlane will call ITI students with assignments and instructions.

Grab and Go School Meals:
Students will need to show their student ID to pick up breakfast and lunch meals at a school near their home. 

Internet Resources:

Read about Free and Low Cost Internet Assistance here.

Spectrum is offering free internet access to qualifying homes with students or teachers. For more information, call 1-844-579-3743 or visit Spectrum COVID-19 Remote Education Credit

Please check back frequently for updates.



Dear Parents,

Our pledge in support of Black Lives Matter:

Is it enough to say we support the movement?  What is our obligation as a school to effect change? What is our obligation to you, the parents, the students, ourselves?

There must be a clear understanding of the issues and the harm caused by racism and racial violence.  We must reaffirm that real change has not taken place in our country and that we can’t be lulled into complacency.  As a school, it will be our responsibility to confirm that our students have the power to effect change.  Many have taken the first steps by peacefully demonstrating. We will encourage them to register to vote.

We will open the school year addressing the ill effects of the pandemic and the pervasive racism that still exists in our society.  We need to discuss the conditions that have contributed to the disproportionate deaths among African-Americans during the pandemic.  Conditions that force people to live in densely populated areas, work hard for meager wages and inadequate health care, and thwarts upward mobility.  We must paint a clear picture of the inequities in education, employment and housing that contribute to a separate and unequal society.

We will ask our students to use their voices, not just for discussions on race, but to insist that discriminatory laws written and unwritten are changed and new policies are enacted to eradicate systemic racism.  We believe in our students and that their compassion and empathy for all people will be the prescription for a better nation.

We will continue to provide an environment that welcomes all students.  A place where they can succeed and be prepared to help make the changes needed to make this a better country.

You should be proud as parents to know that our students are so accepting of everyone who walks through our door.  We have always been proud of this culture of acceptance. Our students do not make distinctions between race, gender or gender identification.  They set the example for us as adults. We will learn from them.

Our students deserve a better country that embraces their compassion, tolerance and unequivocal acceptance.


Our Supporters