We would like to welcome our returning students and students who are joining us for the first time.   After a highly successful 2018-19 school year and summer program, we are happy to report that over 90 students will have received their high school diploma.  Once again, our staff needs to be commended for their tireless devotion in seeing that our students measure up to New York State Education Department academic standards and requirements.  We would like to congratulate our graduates, who often have to overcome many obstacles to reach this significant milestone.  We feel confident that they will, like their predecessors, go on to have successful careers. Thank you parents, guardians and friends for your patience and inspiration.  It has been well documented that the key to a student’s success is having someone in their corner.

Once again, this year we are offering a rich academic and 21st Century activities.  We are also planning to diversify our internship offerings and of course continue to highlight our award -winning culinary training initiative. We remain firm in our belief that besides our academic obligations, we must ensure that our students are socially and emotionally ready for the next step in their lives.  This approach has contributed to the success of our many graduates since that first graduating class in 1995.  We are proud to say that JVL graduates are now represented in all professions and continue to serve our country in the military.

We encourage parents and guardians to continue to monitor our students’ progress and to feel free to visit the school or seek our assistance. We encourage our students to invest in their own future by being on time, attending regularly and working to the best of their ability.  There are no shortcuts. Hard work is required and rewarding.  We are counting on you to contribute to the well-being of future generations and the JVL Wildcat legacy.

PLEASE NOTE:  The first day of school for all students is September 4th.

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