To touch individual lives by re-engaging students who have become disenfranchised with, and have dropped out of, traditional high schools, and enables them to obtain a high school diploma, pursue higher education and become productive members of society.

Mission Statement 
To provide students aged 16 – 21 with the personalized educational experiences they need to build successful futures by overcoming the economic, social and personal challenges that caused them to fail in other high schools.
Wildcatter: “One who drills wells in the hope of finding oil in territory not known to be an oil field.” In other words, it is one who discovers rich resources others have missed.  

Wildcat News


We are accepting lottery applications at both the Bronx and Manhattan locations.

For PDF application click on the following link Student Enrollment Application or contact the numbers below to request a mailed application.

Students with 0 - 20 credits:
Call our Bronx campus (212) 209-6119.
Return completed application to JVL Wildcat Academy Charter School, 1239 Lafayette Ave., 3rd Floor, Bronx, NY 10474.

Students with 21 credits and above:

Call our Manhattan location (212) 209-6006.
Return completed application to JVL Wildcat Academy Charter School, 17 Battery Pl., 1st Floor, New York, NY 10004.

Congratulations to English Teacher, Mrs. Lisa Wilde for being chosen to attend a Masters Class offered by The Academy for Teachers.  This is an honor.   There were many nominations and only 16 teachers were chosen to take part.  Teachers who take part in a Master Class become Fellows of the Academy and join a growing number of the city's strongest educators.
The Academy's Master Classes bring together the city's best minds with some of the best teachers and are led by Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, Poet Laureates, brilliant academics, and prominent cultural, business, and political experts.

1st Annual Wildcat Cook-Off, April 7, 2014

Under the training and supervision of Chef Peacock, Wildcat culinary students competed in a friendly cook-off  in the style of the popular TV series, "Iron Chef". Each team was given 45 minutes to prepare an appetizer and entree utilizing ingredients from a basket.

You need to have MS Power Point to view Cook-Off Photos.

USDA Officials, Anne Alonzo, Administrator of Agricultural Marketing Service and Bob Foley Branch Chief Food and Nutrition Service visit JVL WIldcat.  USDA Blog on July 26, 2013

JVL Wildcat Part of U.S. State Department Foreign Journalist Reporting Tour on Urban Green Initiatives

On June 20, 20 foreign journalists from major news organizations in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America will be visiting the JVL Wildcat school in Hunts Point where they will meet the students, tour the kitchen facilities and view the student-built hydroponic garden (funded by money from Fresh Direct, a local online grocer who created the Green Angel fund.)  Wildcat was chosen for this honor because of our culinary students, who learn industry-related skills at the school, and because of the innovative hydroponic garden, which allows students to grow greens for the culinary program and will eventually provide produce that students will be able to sell to the community.  After visiting other Bronx sites, the journalists will return to Wildcat for a student-catered dinner featuring locally grown vegetables and seasonal food. We feel certain the journalists will be impressed with the students, the garden, and Wildcat’s commitment to a better, healthier future for all. 

NYC's John V. Lindsay Wildcat Charter School and Philadelphia's Sustainability Workshop School Tie in FreshDirect's Inaugural Green Angel Fund Challenge.

FreshDirect hosts urban agriculture competition

$10,000 for the Hydroponics Team at JVL Wildcat. Great job team!!

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The 2014 Golf Outing Fundraiser is on Thursday, October 9.

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