Internship Training Institute

The Internship Training Institute is designed to serve as a foundation course for first semester JVL students who have never participated in the school’s internship program.  These students need time to develop the basic skills necessary to be successful interns before going to an internship site.  The institute also serves as a foundation course to help students who have historically been unsuccessful as interns during their JVL enrollment or who are returning to school after a long absence.  During an intensive 8 to 9-week institute, interns learn and practice basic workplace competencies centered on appropriate etiquette, attire, habits, communication, behavior, and literacy.  Student-interns who successfully complete the institute’s course work will receive two internship credits, a certificate of competency, and are prepared to participate in an out-of-school internship the following semester.

 Below is an overview of the course:

 Module 1      Institute Orientation; Self – Awareness

Module 2      Fair Employment Practices; Ethics & Etiquette; Microsoft Office: Word Processing

Module 3      Career Exploration/Job Seeking Behaviors: Communication 1; Microsoft Office: Word Processing

Module 4      Employment Expectations

Module 5      Career Exploration/Job Seeking Behaviors: Communication 2; Career Exploration/Job Seeking Behaviors: Appearance 1; Microsoft Office: Word Processing/Publisher

Module 6      Career Exploration/Job Seeking Behaviors: Appearance 2; Microsoft Office: Excel

Module 7      Financial Literacy; Microsoft Office: Excel

Module 8      Putting It All Together Project; Microsoft Office: PowerPoint

Module 9      JVL Basics; Putting It All Together Project

Internship Program

The objective of the Internship Program is to provide students with an opportunity to expand their experience in the career pathway of their choice.  Active involvement in the workplace as a trainee is intended to challenge the student to higher academic and workplace skills standards and help to better identify careers of interest.

From a career perspective, the Internship Program:

  • Exposes the student to a professional business environment.
  • Gives the student entry-level experience by engaging the student in related tasks.
  • Allows the student to spend quality time in areas of interest.
  • Exposes the student to group situations and working with minimum supervision.
  • Enhances the student’s resume with professional business experience.

 The internship experience facilitates students in developing broader personal skills, such as:

  • Developing a sound work ethic.
  • Understanding professional dress and behaviors.
  • Enhancing social and business decorum.
  • Improving communication skills.

 Internships are an important part of the learning experience at Wildcat.  As such, students are expected to take their internship experiences just as seriously as any other academic requirement.
Internship participation is mandatory.  Students attend school from 9 am to 5 pm one week and then internship the next week.  In addition to academic projects assigned during the school week AND internship week, all students are expected to complete an Internship Portfolio.  Upon completing this collection of documents, writings, research and activities, each student will receive a stipend each week to defray costs while working.  Completion of these tasks along with the evaluation from the employer and satisfactory attendance at the work site determines the number of credits each student is awarded for internship participation each term.
There is a wide array of internship sites ranging from office work to construction to health care.  Students work closely with counselors and internship site managers to determine the best fit for their career goals.